A suit can be a man’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on how it is fitting you and how much it would suit your body structure.

In fact, if there is any attire for men that enhances their personality and look good for every occasion – be it wedding, office, date (just that you have to tone it down or up according to the place and occasion), then it would be a suit.

So, if you have ever gone for a suit shopping and wondered if there are some rules to know that a suit fits and looks perfectly for your body shape, then let us help you with some tips here. There are definitely no fixed rules but we have some cheats for you to keep in mind to make your shopping experience more convenient and fulfilling.

1.      Keep It Classy and Simple

Suits are your second skin and just like the first one, the more comfortable and confident you will feel in your attire, the more it will enhance your personality. Before you get swayed with the patterns and funky color options, make sure that you have the basics in your wardrobe. No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with a suit in solid shades. And when it comes to choosing the fabrics, go with something that fits that season.

2.     Find Your Fit

Always wear a suit that would fit you just right. In fact, it is recommended that you go for a custom made suit so that it is fitting well. Never go for something that is too tight or baggy thinking that it might fit you some day. Just follow the 2 golden and simple rules to find the suit of right fit:

·        The shoulder seam of your jacket should end when your shoulder ends.
·        Your jacket sleeves’ length should be 1/4th less that the length of your shirt sleeves.

3.     Understand Your Jackets

Always wear your suit’s jacket with a matching pair of trousers and a smart pair of shoes. If you want to go contrast with your jacket color, then go for a sports jacket. Remember that for a jacket to give you a slimmer and smart look, it has to fit you perfectly. As for the rules of buttoning your jackets, keep just these two things in mind:

·        Always remember to unbutton your jacket while you are sitting.
·        IF you are wearing a jacket with three buttons, make sure that you are keeping the last button open always.

4.     Pick Your Trousers Carefully

The problem that most of the people face is not finding perfect fit trousers. Do not settle for the lose ones as they give a very baggy look. Get your trousers custom tailors so they fit you properly. Also remember that if you are shorter in height then don’t get too many pleats on your trouser as pleats combined with cuffs don’t look good on shorter men at all.

5.     Opt for Navy Blue as Your First Suit

If you do not have the budget to purchase multiple suits at once, go for a navy blue as your first suit without a thought. You can wear it at any occasion and you can pair it up with shirt of any color and we can assure you that you will never go wrong with it.

Just keep these points handy whether you are getting a tailor made suit or buying it off-the-rack and you would never regret your purchase. 
Men- they are either super stylish or they just look plain tacky to a woman. There can never be an in between and the ‘okay’ looking category is mostly neglected. However, when it comes to fashion some men tend to be too good at maintaining their style quotient while others just seem to be clueless even when they have to match their shirt with a tie. And Men! Trust me, nobody is blaming you for it. We understand the struggle that you men have to face in order to remain fashionably updated when you can hardly invest their time in shopping.  

So, here we have a list of some quick fashion tips that would let you keep get that edge in the styling department whether you are going out for a casual outing, your first day with the girl you have been crushing on or just a planning a dinner with your friends and relatives.

1.     Right Fitting is the King
Most of the men have this thing – either they wear clothes that stick to their body or they wear the baggy ones. Well, you are fashionably wrong either ways. Get clothes that will fit you just perfect. They should be snug without being extremely lose or too tight.

2.     Follow the KISS Concept – Keep it Simple
Make sure that you don’t overdo while getting ready for any event. I agree that you might be having lots of flashy accessories and dresses in your wardrobe that you want to flaunt but putting everything in together at a single time is a bad idea. Keep your accessories minimal. And make sure you are not supposed to look like a rock star until you are really planning to join a band in real.

3.     Go Shopping with a Female
You would definitely be having at least one female friend who has a better taste and who is fashion conscious. Take her along with you for shopping and take advantage of her styling knowledge. Besides, having a second opinion is never a bad thing and you it always helps to have an expert along.

4.     Always Take Care of the Shoes You Are Wearing
The first thing that everybody generally notices about your attire is the shoes that you are wearing. Thus, it is really important that you invest in a good pair of the footwear. And trust me, this is one investment that can never go waste because your footwear is probably the only part of your entire dress-up that you are going to repeat more often.

5.     Stay a Notch Above
Yes. You are not supposed to overdo it but being underdressed is also not something that would look good in any setting. Just gather information about the venue and your host as well as fellow guests and you would be able to understand that how you need to trust. Just that if you are going to be with an important person, like your boss then you shouldn’t be looking better than me.

6.     Casual Tshirts
While you move around wearing those tshirts with huge logos on them, you look no less than a walking billboard. C’mon guys, stop being so loud about brands unless you are getting paid for them. Instead, go for a classic solid v-neck tee or something really artsy.

7.     Don’t Be a Blind Follower of Brands
Whenever you decide to purchase any product, just ask yourself once that why are you really investing in it? Is it because you think the style and color will suit you or is it merely because of the brand name? Just think that would you still pay for it if there was no logo tag on it and you would know if it the right product for you or not.

8.     Ask for Genuine Feedback
Most of the people don’t give you genuine feedback about how you are looking because they have a tendency to be diplomatic. However, you would be having that one friend who will always be blunt about her reviews and opinions. Make her your styling adviser.

9.     Invest in a Good Wrist Watch
Wrist watch is a fashion accessory that men need the most but they often neglect it. A good watch can really make you stand out in the crowd. So, invest in one with neutral color combination so that you can wear it with any outfit.

10.Don’t Hesitate to Experiment
Every time you go out shopping, try something new out. Go for something that is completely out of your comfort zone and see how it looks on you. You will be surprised but some styles you feel would look disaster can actually suit you perfectly.

And if you don’t have time to go out and shop then you have the option of purchasing suits and casuals online also. Trust me! The variety that Jodhpur Tailors have can enhance your look a lot. 
Wedding is on the cards! – As much as this statement makes one excited about ‘the day’, it is a bit dreadful too. We know you want to look good even if you don’t go around sounding anxious about your dress like your bride does. After all! You will get as much attention (if not more) as her at your special day.
You are going to get clicked more, people are going to remember and talk about what how you looked at each ceremony and you will be making your first impression on many your bride’s relatives and friends. You have every reason to look your best!

You will be poured in with varied styling tips from everybody around you and there will be many dressing options for all the ceremonies to choose from. Do not panic! We have listed down some basic guidelines to make your job a bit easier and to rescue you from all the confusion while finalizing your wedding suit.
Be the Best You Have Ever Looked
Go timeless! Your wedding photos are going to stay with you for a lifetime. The aim is to make your dress look so classic and trendy that even when you look at your marriage album after years with your grandchildren sitting beside you, it should make your bride want to time-date the picture.
The Elegant Two-Piece Suit
Unless you happen to be somebody who is completely familiar with the styling rules of wearing a tuxedo, a two-piece suit is the most prominent option for every man. Remember! Your wedding is not the time to experiment with a new style. Go for darker shades while choosing your suit and match it up with a light colored shirt and a plain tie. This combination makes any man look classy and neat.
Keep It Solid
Your suit should either be navy blue, black or charcoal gray. Stick to these colors unless you are planning a destination wedding at an exotic location like Vegas, in which case can I also get an invitation? And be it Vegas or your hometown, patterning on the suits should be left for the bridals. Go the simple and chic way and you will impress.
Wedding Suit Cuts and Style
A single-breasted suit is always the first choice of the men, but that is the most obvious and simple choice too. And I am sure that your wedding is definitely not the day where you want to look ‘so normal’. Thus, going for a double-breasted suit will give a more formal look. Alternatively, you can also wear a three-piece suit as it brings a comfortable and stylish aura. Your photographer will also be able to take pictures in different poses by playing around with your jacket while you are wearing waist coat.
The Wedding Dress Shirt
Imagine yourself being the showstopper of the day along with your bride. What would you like to see yourself in? Probably white or another solid color but in lighter shades. This is exactly what you should be wearing while choosing the shirt of your dress. Leave the patterns and checks for your guests. You should look more formal for the occasion and that look can be achieved with a tailor-made shirt only.
The Wedding Necktie
If there party of your dress that would remain more in focus then it is your necktie, followed by the shirt collar. Ensure that you spend adequate time in selecting this accessory and make a thoughtful decision. I would recommend you to go for earthy colors or the darker shades of blue, gold and green. Remember! Red color looks good only on bridal for the wedding day so avoid it.
Wedding Day Shoes
A man’s best accessory is his shoes! Wear formal shoes with a shining look. You can choose the brand and color complementing your suit. However, ensure that they are perfectly polished and they have to match to your belt (somewhat if not closely)

No matter what you wear or choose, just remember two simple rules – Firstly, your outfit should complement your bride’s dress, not compete with her (since you are getting married, you should know that you are never suppose to compete with your counterparts) and secondly, keep your suit as simple and elegant as possible. Weddings are already very hectic affair, you do not want to get yourself uncomfortable by wearing something that you don’t feel confident it!
The best investment a man can ever make for himself is buying a custom-made suit. I agree that it is a big investment both in terms of time and money, but every man should have at least one good and well-fitted suit in his wardrobe for the occasions that need him to be suited-up. You can always deconstruct a suit and wear it on occasions that are beyond being formal and professional.

If you are thinking that wearing the same suit to every occasion is practically not possible and it would become boring after a point too then I have a better alternative for you to put your suit to the best of its use without making it look unexciting. You can pair the shirt, vest, jacket and pants with something casual and you would be ready for just any occasion or venue.

If you are wondering that I am saying it just for the sake of it then allow me to tell you how and with what you can pair every clothing piece from your suit for those casual outings and meetings to sport a smart look. Let’s begin with considering which suit you should be buying that can be converted into the casual outfits.

Let me make a confession – Navy Blue is my personal favorite color but today I am not recommending you to invest in a suit of same color because of just that reason. Trust me! A navy blue two-buttoned suit looks elegant enough to be worn anywhere and it can be paired with just about anything when you are deconstructing it.

Here’s how you can style each item.

The Jacket

You can double the navy blue suit jacket as a blazer also. It is perfect clothing for a smart look that will be sophisticated yet approachable for a casual date.

Oliver Cotton Shirt

The woven-shirt’s slender gleam complements the solid dark jacket while being elemental.

Raw Denims

A pair of Indigo Timber colored slim-fit jeans would give you a perfect trendy and comfortable look. Avoid choosing skinny fit denims because slim-fit is the real modern classic style.

Leather Belt

A brown colored leather belt is a perfect companion for informal occasions. It goes really well with gray, navy and tan shoes (but never wear it with black).


All white sneakers are perfect for an outing on a sunny day. They look good with almost every pattern, color and texture. I would recommend you to go for leather material as it is easy to clean.

A Classic Wristwatch

When you are wearing a suit, never miss out on the wrist watch. It is the most important accessory with a suit. To maintain a casual look, go for a simple white dialer with broad brown strap.

The Vest

A vest comes in a three-piece suit and leaves a high styling impact when worn.

Granddad Collar

This shirt is perfect to be worn at places where more casual dress code will be 

Cuffed Trousers

The grey colored trousers without any belt loops will add a refreshing look to your attire when you are planning to skip wearing a tie. You can also go for cuffed denim jeans if you want to give it a more casual and comfortable look.

Chelsea Boots

Black Chelsea boots look great on men and they survive well in rough weather too.

The Shirt

A button white shirt which is tailor-made is a staple essential for every man. Make sure that you get one having exceptional fit.

A boat neck sweater

When pairing a white shirt with sweater, a navy blue sweater in boat neck style will be a perfect choice. It will look stylish and comfortable.

Normal Fit Pants

Compliment your shirt with a field green or navy blue casual jean and you will have a perfect look. The earthy colors will let you have the laid-back effortless feel.

Causal Laced Sneakers

 The classic black and white combo can never go out of fashion.  Go for the classic and sharp looking striped sports shoes to get the best results.


Complete the look with a casually hanging backpack for everyday essentials. Go for something in which the logo will take a back seat as you do not want to boast of your brand loves on a casual outing.

The Trousers

The navy blue jeans act as a neutral base for several looks which would be appropriate for a casual office day.

Collared Shirt

A button down grey cotton shirt would give you a perfect casual look when combined with navy blue pants.

Knit Tie

Whether you are wearing the suit casually or formally as whole, investing in a navy blue would be worth to get a complete look.

Cap-toe Shoes

Cap toe shoes in black are a must in every man’s wardrobe. The semi-sheen and detailing of these footwear makes them perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Quick Fashion Tips for Men

Today`s articles are especially for Men!

If the ladies can have spent an hour to get ready and look good for you, so how hard and how much time a man would need to get ready? I think not more than 20 minutes.
If the girl is making all the efforts, so why not you also put some efforts to make her happy and looks hot.

Below here I had listed some quick and easy fashion hacks for men.

Fit is King:

The incredible change which you can make in your style, just by making sure that everything fits perfectly. Some guys would love to wear loose clothes. Just make sure that everything which you are wearing is perfectly fit or hugging your body shape. It is rightly said that a bad fit is just like a disease.

Keep it Simple:

Well, you don’t want a wardrobe full of expensive clothes to look amazing. Just keep it simple and trendy by wearing a perfect fitted jean with a matching T-shirt and a smashing looking jacket and complete this look with the matching oxford shoes or you can go for some accessories like watches or a dressy belt.

Just remember, Don’t do overdo! By wearing more than three pieces of jeweler or more than three colors. Don’t wear clothes like Rock stars until or unless you are in rock band. Avoid flashy look.

Change your way of watching clothes:

Wearing casuals, all the time can make you feel bore. Try some new collared shirts or you can also take the inspiration form the most stylish men, these people wear the same normal looking casual clothes in a trendy or different way.

Your supporting pieces requires attention:

Some of your sweaters are neat and lean, while others are big and chunky. Make sure that the upper and bottom halves are matching. If you are wearing a big, chunky, rugged fisherman knit sweater, then make sure your bottom is to be rugged.

Never opt a beautiful silk and wool suit paint with a fisherman`s sweater. Instead, of this wear it with chinos, jeans or you can pair it with Harris Tweed Blazer.

Never prefer shopping alone:

Never go to shopping alone- it is a good advice, because sometimes when we got confused between two things, and surely about to leave them. Then, the salesperson will dominate you in way that you purchase the stuffs, it`s their way to dominate us because they work for commission.

So, always go with friend for the shopping because they will give you honest opinion.

Time to invest in good pair of shoes:

The very first thing which a woman notice, it`s the shoes. Especially how clean and sharp they look.  It east to wash and press the rest of the clothes to keep them looking new, but most of the guys hate this thing. If you are a true man invest in some good and dashing looking shoes and keep them in pristine condition.

Fashion Tees with Logos:

You will look like a billboard, if you are roaming with a big logo on your T-shirt. Try some new V-neck tees or something artsy and lose the lame Coca-Cola shirt.

Don’t stuck on the Brand Names:

Never stuck on brand Names. Ask yourself whether you are buying the stuffs because of the brand name or you seriously like the quality and style of them. Just think twice, “should I purchase it, if there was no logo on it?

Continually cultivate the image:

Invest more and more time and money into your own image. Figure out your personal sense of fashion and style. Your own style is a huge mode of communication and it is a worth caring for much as your education, career and relationships.

Ask for Real Feedback:

The real feedback can only be given by your friends and family. They will never lie to you about your looks. Ask everyone and anyone, but trust only on your friends and families or best friend in case of hairstyles and clothes.

Experiment with style:

The only way you can learn new things, is to go out and try something different new things. Try to come out form your comfort zone and go for some classy and trendy stuffs.
Sometimes, you will find cool and awesome stuffs. But, if you make any mistake, so not to worry because- Life goes on!

Many guys won’t be able to express themselves through their style, make sure you are not one of them.

Time to Upgrade shave:

If your fashion is awesome, but an unkempt beard can be an attraction killer. Achieve a perfect shave by trying a razor or a shave brush.

In Last:

So, men it’s your time to make some effort and impress your girl. 

In the 19th century, a man named Beau Brummell redefined and adapted this 17th century outfit. Then the suit became popularized. The leading man of England start wearing well-cut suits, fitted with neckties. At the end of 19th century a modern lounge suit was created as a very informal piece. And in 20th century, this outfit become the favorite choice of all business man.
Now a suit has become an essential outfit for a guy. You can wear it for business meetings, networking at events and pitching in front of investors.
A suit gave professional and elegant look to man`s personality. Today I am going to tell you 5 basic rules to buy a custom made suit online for the office who give you confident and professional look.

Pick a color-

Choosing the right color of the office suit, is a bit confusing task. Although there are some neutral colors which look good in office, will give you formal look, and east to adapt from the wardrobe, and enhance tour personality.

Navy color-  Navy is the common color, still it looks good and stylish at work time. This navy color suits every season whether it is summer, or winter. Wearing it in office gives more professional look to your personality.

Charcoal grey suit- a charcoal grey suit is just a versatile as navy. Make you look young, tall and attractive. Try to wear this grey suit with a perfect pair of shoes and matching tie in board meeting, it will definitely increase your confidence. Don’t go for the dark shades of charcoal, keep it light and don’t include bold patterns. Keep it simple and stylish.

Black suits- definitely black suits give you professionalism. It is quite different from the navy suits. and gives you more casual and sexy look. Black suits became famous by Princess Harry and William.

Just be sure that it fits you well-

Make sure the suits fit you well. Don’t wear too tight and loosely-fitted suits. it will make you look hazy. It you are slim then go for slimmer suit, it will look better and neater. It you got confused about the size then go for the custom-tailored made suits. it will suit you well.

Now something more important- your jacket sleeves should be one third inch above the shirt cuffs. And your trousers should fit perfectly on your hipbones. So you don’t need a belt to keep them up.

Yeah! You look smart.

If you bought off-the-rack suits and you are not filling comfortable in it, then you can take it to the tailor to make it fits well. If the suit is not fitting you from the shoulders, then for sure it`s not going to be a good day in office. The length of shoulder should never exceed beyond the actual length of shoulders, so, try to avoid the excessive padding.

Shirts and ties-

Everyone wants to look professional and charming at work. Always wear matching shirts and tie, these two are the main elements of the suit. if you are wearing same suit daily, and wants that no one will notice you than prefer to wear different color of shirts every day. Make sure it fits you well, have fixed cuffs, and extra fabric, under the armpits or billowing fabric around the waist. A shirt that fits you well and if you are looking perfectly handsome in that, then you are all set to get your dream job. If you are buying the matching shirt and tie with the suit, then your one suit is completely ready for business meeting or for formal occasions.

Men sometime you make silly decision in buying the fluorescent colors and child patterns, always but those shirts and tie which showcase your personality. A silky tie looks good it you are wearing it with different colors of shirts and suits.


Try something different.

A nice and sexy watch will enhance your personality more. It will more professional and confident look to your style. A leather strap watch adds a slick edge, while silver watches is a god choice because they go with most of the sui colors.

You can also show-off your personality by adding some cufflinks. Try to wear matching cufflinks with your shirt and suit. or you can go for any other design in which you are interested.

If you want to look more professional, then opt pocket square. It looks completely different and make your stand apart from the crowd. Learn how to make a different pocket square, and buy some matching silk fabrics with your suit.

A tie-down also nice, it makes your tie to look neat and add more style to your simple suit. you can buy different color of tie bars but the most famous colors are silver and gold.

Belts are also the necessary things to wear, can add more stylishness and sexy appeal to your suit. though your paints are fitting you properly, still you can wear suits only for show-off. Just match the color with the suit and you are all set to get every one`s attention in office.


Shoes are the first thing which another guy notice. It should be matched with your outfit. Shoes should be formal, neat and polished clean.

It should be matched with your suits and gives more formal look, for example- if you are wearing a black suit, then opt for black shoes, not for loafers, or with charcoal grey suit go with deep burgundy shoes.

A navy suit can be pair up with black, brown, or burgundy shoes, depending on the occasion.

Usually, a light grey suit looks great with a pair of tan shoes. Tan monk-strap shoes, oxblood brogues, and black braided loafers will all work well if you want to rock a blue suit.

So, guys these are 5 simple steps for buying a suit for the office look.
When it comes to buying a suit, the main concern of people is about the price. If they go with off-the-rack suits they will find pretty good designs with large amount of investment, whereas the made to measure suits are perfectly made to fit a particular person.
Wedding, work or daily wear, the classic suits for every occasion hold a special place in men`s wardrobe. A suit is the best clothing material which describes man`s personality very well.

Off-the-Rack and Made-to-Measure these are two suits which should be found in men`s wardrobe.

Off the rack suit

Many people prefer off-the-rack suits. OTR suits are cheap and expensive too. The pricing of off-the-rack suits depends on the brand, quality of fabric and material used. These suits are predetermined in size and style and usually made with machines. Many few manufactures prefer to produce off-the rack suits by hand or sewing machine.
Off-the-rack suit are available in many sizes which fits most men, but not all. Most of the off-rack suits are not canvased but fused, and those who are canvased will come in higher brands. Other manufactures use fusing where interlining is glued to the wool shell using heat. Making suit with this method saves time and money but it lacks the support and structure of canvas.

Just remember off-the-racks suits comes in many patterns, styles and designs, but when you buy off-the rack suits you have to alter it. Especially the sleeves and the pants. Keep in mind that you have to spend extra amount on alterations. That`s y it is advisable to go a good tailor who can make those alterations. That`s sure off-the- racks suits will never fit you perfectly, you have to spend more for small alterations.

The second best suit which should be available in men`s wardrobe is made to measure suits. These are also pre-designed which means these suits are already cut up as per the designs and then make according to the body fittings. Made to measure suits can be altered to fit your measures. Made to measure suits are usually made by hand, but it can be made by machines too. The difference between made to measure and bespoke suits is that you don’t have an any option to choose the materials used in the productions of the suit.
Fabric quality of made-to-measure suits is better than off-the-racks suits.

These suits fit you better than off-the-racks suits because they adjust to your measurements. Made to measure suits take at least 10 hours to adjust. Sometimes it`s price got higher than off-the-racks suits. Some people feel very disappointed after having made to measure because it is somewhat similar to bespoke tailoring. Well, it is not true. The difference between the made to measure and off-the-racks suits can be easily noticeable when you will go to buy them

So, these are some main difference between the made to measure and off the rack suits. Remember these points while buy a suit.

Go and enjoy Shopping!